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Start Dreaming Big

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Go from idea to profit in as little as 30 days

We’ve broken down our business model to give you the ingredients to get rapid results:


If there has ever been a time to jump in as an entrepreneur, the time is now!

What if you could start a business that makes you passive income and enables you to live the life you have always wanted?


Our technology will help you grow and scale your business while earning you more money.

Success Tools

You are positioned for success out of the gate. We want to help take your business to the next level! In our Success Tools, we provide training, mentorship, and a wealth of insightful entrepreneurial advice to our members.

Maximize Every Opportunity

Make residuals in perpetuity on people through ProfitPay or business accounts referred through PayCertify through the ResidualMoney™ portal. PayCertify pays consumers, partners, affiliates and platforms directly into their ProfitPay wallet every month, which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted or sent direct to their bank for a fee.

The Time Is Now!


There has never been a better time to open your contacts and clients to an ecosystem built to make profit on so many different products that eCommerce entrepreneurs need and want that really impact and help them grow their businesses.

Scale profit as an affiliate, partner or platform using a turn key process built for enterprise level merchants and consumers looking to add more CashBack when purchasing items online or in store.  Click below for Consistent, Dependable Ongoing ResidualMoney™ Now

Residual Money provides the most profitable Shovels for the 21st Century eCommerce Gold Rush.

The PayCertify products for merchants and the ProfitPay products for consumers:

  • CashBack

  • CashBack in Network Purchase

  • Virtual Credit Cards

  • Secure Card

  • Credit Monitoring
  • Bill Pay and Payables
  • Credit Agency Reporting 
  • Invoicing
  • Fraud Protection 
  • Global Payments
  • Alternative Payments
  • Digital Wallet
  • Virtual Terminal
















No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, our services have you in mind. We offer you three distinct opportunities to create a new stream of income for yourself without requiring additional work.


Every business owner should be earning income from more than one stream. Earn passive income with us by simply referring our services, with no additional work to yourself, and earn commission on the approved businesses you refer to.

We will give you updates on their status during the process and once they are approved, our Customer Success Team will help them get set up and maximize their use of the product so they win and so do you!
Once they are up and processing, you will get paid your commissions the following month and will continue to get paid every month so long as they are processing and utilizing the services with PayCertify.


To be successful in today’s dynamic, ever-changing economy you need to ensure you are set up to make more profit. For the online merchant, PayCertify is the only platform worldwide to generate up to 10% more profit back to your bottom line every month when using the PayCertify

All-in-One Suite. There is no need to contract with any outside providers or services as you will receive processing, top-level fraud controls, full card issuing and payables, and a CashBack generation platform.

Suite Includes:

  • Payment Proessing
  • Recurring Payments
  • Multi-Currency Capabilities


The world in which we live today may be uncertain, but the path to true wealth in these times is clear. eCommerce is projected to grow more than 20% in 2020 and we are still at the forefront of what is currently exploding due to more clients and customers going online to spend money now more than ever before.

With potential clients joining the eCommerce gold rush market daily by the thousands, the global economy is looking to this innovative space to make their fortune. This is why PayCertify created the ResidualMoney™ Franchise; to allow anyone looking to build true generational wealth in the FinTech space the most compelling offer in eCommerce to take control of their destiny!

Let us take all the complicated work off your plate while guaranteeing your ROI will skyrocket.

ResidualMoney™ Platform includes:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Full Reporting All Products and Services
Analytics for your team
Analytics for your merchants
Group Training
1×1 Mentorship
Proposal Deck Templates and Sales Tools
Sales and Business Training Videos
Statement Analysis
Built-in Salesforce
Commission Calculators
Team Building

Commissionable Products:

WorldWide Processing
Fraud Prevention
ProfitPay Virtual Cards – US, EU, and CA
Push to Debit
Payment Gateway

About Us


The ResidualMoney™ platform was created by multi-millionaire entrepreneur Chase Harmer, the CEO of PayCertify, a thriving Silicon Valley fintech platform processing billion in payments annually. Chase bootstrapped the first 2 Million and successfully raised over 35M, built a team with over a hundred employees and curated some of the world’s largest merchants, as anchor tenants with innovation and an ongoing effort to improve. Building a platform with all the profit baked in for merchants and consumers for the first time in history had its roadblocks and challenges as the greedy banks were the only ones to capitalize on all the revenue opportunities that existed pre PayCertify.

Once we built the platform the main execution strategy and core strength of the ResidualMoney™ program is consistency.  Both consumers and businesses can depend on and get value from PayCertify tools and profit centers daily! “By putting our consumers and merchants first we were able to provide 5% cashback at over 100,000 locations and the eliminate the cost of processing fees for businesses when they pay suppliers, employees and media through the PayCertify suite, while the people that refer those customers and businesses sit back and let the mailbox money flow. Giving back to everyone has its benefits! The benefits of free money and free advertising has helped stabilize growth and payouts in addition to ensuring our partners, affiliates, merchants and consumers make more Cashback and Profit month over month

With measurable results. Progress is more important than perfection for anyone and we make passive income attainable for anyone, as long as they are willing to take the first step.

If you just want to refer consumers to get CashBack

If you want to refer Businesses to use the PayCertify products and tools for more Profit

If you want to become a full fledged partner office.

If you are a platform or service looking to use tools and monetize.

“If you have the drive and the desire, nothing will stop you. Just start the journey, don’t wait for the roadmap”

– Chase Harmer, CEO

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